Medical Affairs

Zogenix prioritizes serving patients and creating enduring value for our stakeholders. Additionally, we take an ethical and responsible approach to transparency in the best interests of our patients. This approach extends from clinical development activities to transparency around our grant funding decisions.

Global Transparency Disclosures
In keeping with our commitment to ensure responsible business practices, Zogenix believes transparency in our funding decisions is vital to building and maintaining trust with our stakeholders. Each quarter Zogenix publically discloses all charitable contributions, educational and research grants.

Any inquiries should be directed to

Patient Groups
Patient groups – or patient advocacy groups and patient organizations – are important partners for Zogenix and the patients we aim to serve. Our goal is to forge trusting, mutually-beneficial relationships with patient groups. To build and maintain this trust, we are committed to understanding and addressing unmet needs in the patient community. We support patient organizations in our therapeutic areas of interest through sponsorships, grants and donations.

Zogenix provides funding in the form of unrestricted grants to support independent medical education activities for healthcare professionals, in addition to organizations who are requesting funds for a specific project, meeting, or other organized initiative.

Charitable Contributions
Zogenix makes charitable contributions (to include both monetary and in-kind giving) to local, national, and international organizations that support communities/patients in its therapeutic areas of focus.


Medical information available through this Web site is not medical advice. It is intended as an educational aid for health care professionals. Patient care remains the ultimate responsibility of the licensed health care professional with knowledge of the particular patient.

Zogenix does not recommend the use of its products in any manner inconsistent with the FDA-approved prescribing information.