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Zogenix Investigator Initiated & Collaborative Research Studies (IIS-CRS) Program Overview

Zogenix is pleased to provide opportunities for Investigator Initiated & Collaborative Research Studies for physicians/scientist investigators expressing interest in conducting studies with a Zogenix marketed product, Zogenix Investigational Drug, or Zogenix Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). The IIS-CRS Program is offered globally to all academic and community-based scientists who are interested in conducting their own research. In general, Investigator Initiated & Collaborative Research Studies (IIS-CRS) are “proof of concept” or “exploratory” in nature. The budget for such studies should reflect “fair market value” for all costs and cannot include salary support for the principal investigator. In addition, Zogenix’s compliance policy includes institutional overhead cap guidelines that must be followed.

Zogenix will accept IIS-CRS proposals that are within our current Areas of Interest (AOI).  This is a competitive program with funding decisions being made based on the scientific merit and strategic fit within the AOI.  Submission of a proposal does not imply or guarantee approval.  Financial and/or product support is contingent upon approval by the Zogenix Investigator Initiated and Collaborative Research Studies Review Committee and upon full execution of the research agreement by both parties.

Zogenix Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Areas of Interest (AOI) for 2018-19

Zogenix is interested in receiving proposals for research in refractory pediatric epilepsy conditions such as Dravet Syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, West Syndrome, and other refractory pediatric epilepsy conditions.  For these types of epilepsy syndromes we are interested in the following:

  • Basic and Translational Research Proposals
    • Studies which seek to improve the understanding of mechanisms of disease, identify potential targets for treatment, and/or identify potential mechanisms and roles for the use of fenfluramine
  • Epidemiology/Observational Research Proposals
    • Studies which seek to identify patients and caregiver burden of illness, costs of care, quality of life, unmet medical need, and/or effectiveness of current treatment options
  • Clinical Research Proposals
    • Studies which provide proof of concept/proof of principle for the potential therapeutic role of fenfluramine

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Please submit all applications for grant support utilizing the Zogenix IIS/CRS Proposal Submission Form below: